About Us

The Dreadlock Boutique previously known as The Pink Octopus Dreadshop is located in Cork City inIreland. We provide services such as the creation and maintenance of natural dreadlocks as well as the creation and fitting of synthetic dreadlocks. All of our dreadlocks are individually handmade. We alsoprovide a full range of aftercare products and beads/wraps for dreads.

Meet the team

The legacy that Caroline left behind her now lives on through her team Naoise and Ashlin.

Naoise started as Caroline’s apprentice in September 2017, picking up great knowledge as well as invaluable experience under Caroline’s supervision she now works confidently as a skilled dreadlock maker.

Ashlin is the most recent protégé to join the team. She started as an apprentice in the shop in October 2018 after being a customer of Caroline’s for quite a while. She has expressed pure drive, determination and skill so far in her apprenticeship and she will undoubtedly carry on to become a very talented dreadmaker.

The Dreadshop was initially founded by Caroline Dausmann in 2016. Caroline started dreadlocks a decade ago in France and has always been driven to create a different type of fashion as well as offering alternative options for people that want to achieve a more unique style. The dedication to her customers in terms of creating, customizing the products has always been rewarded by fully satisfied clients that wear their new hairstyles with pride. In December 2018, after more than 2 years running the business successfully, she decided to move on to new challenges in Vienna, Austria leaving her baby-business in the capable hands of her team.

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11 George’s Quay ,

Co, Cork


(089) 491-1835


Tues- Sat : 10 a.m – 6p.m