Whether you plan to get Natural Dreadlocks or synthetic dreads, we encourage that you come to us for a 15 minute free consultation so we can establish your preferences in terms of style, colour and length etc. After clarifying all of this we then take a non-refundable deposit and set a date to fit/create your dreadlocks. The consultation can be done in person or online. Your hair has to be at least 5 cm for us to be able to create/ attach dreadlocks.

How long does it take to get the dreads?

  • Single dreads can be ready in a week
  • Half-sets from 2 weeks.
  • For full sets we usually have a 1 to 3 months queue so the best is to ask.

Synthetic Dreadlocks

Our synthetic dreadlocks are all individually handmade to suit the customers preferences. The dreadlocks are plaited in to the hair and secured with an elastic band that can be taken out any time. The synthetic dreadlocks last for years but they can only be kept in your hair for up to 6 weeks and then can be taken out and refitted if desired. Dreadlocks are very low- maintenance overall. They can be made to order, or you can visit the shop and pick out some of the pre-made stock we have in store. You can choose to have just a few dreads, a half head of dreads or a full head. Our synthetic Dreadlocks are made of synthetic materials, we advise anyone that may have allergies to plastic or synthetic fibers to be aware of that in order to avoid any possible reactions. 

Pricelist Guide for Synthetic Dreadlocks 

(All orders will be priced individually according to what you want and your hair type and length)

  • Single dread: from 10 €
  • 1 row above the neck (5 dreads): 50€
  • Half-set: from 150€
  • Full set: from 350€
  • Ombré (from a color to another color): 50€ extra
  • Extra length: 50€ extra
  • First fitting: price included
  • Re-fitting: 40€

Natural Dreadlocks

Natural Dreadlocks are made from your own hair in a process that involves sectioning, backcombing and crocheting the dreads. The time of creating a full head of dreadlocks is depending on the length and thickness of the hair. We do not use any wax/products in the creation of dreadlocks. Natural dreadlocks are essentially permanent and in turn can be a big commitment for some people. If you’d like your dreadlocks to have a bit of extra length, we can extend them with either human or synthetic hair. You can just get a few natural dreads, half head and a full head too.

Pricelist Guide for Natural Dreadlocks 

(All orders will be priced individually according to what you want and your hair type and length)

  • Single dread creation: from 10€
  • Full head creation: from 300€
  • Maintenance first session: between 50 and 100€
  • Regular maintenance (1h session): 50€
  • Extensions: human hair from 10€/dread, synthetic hair from 5€ per dread

Additional Information: 

For natural dreadlocks it is important to come back for regular maintenance to help the dreads mature better and faster and to help them grow straight. The very first maintenance is the most important. In the first few months they really do their own thing and can end up with loops, very fluffy or knotted together. We recommend to come for the first maintenance 2 months after first creation so we can see how your dreads develop and see what the best time is to come back again.

Synthetic and Natural Dreadlock Maintenance

Once your dreadlocks have been made, we advise that you avoid washing them for the first two weeks, to allow the dreading process to begin efficiently. We advise that you wash your dreads no more than once a week, we stock a dreadlock spray that can be used to freshen up the dreads in between washes. It is best to use shampoo specifically for dreadlocks as they do not leave a residue and they do not untangle the hair. Do not use conditioner when washing your dreads. When the dreads are damp after washing them, we advise that you palm roll each one individually, palm- rolling helps to shape and stretch the dreads as they form. We also recommend that you ensure to separate the dreads keeping the sections clear and preventing the dreads joining together.

Firstly, we recommend washing your dreadlocks early in the morning as they can take quite a while to dry. With the synthetic dreadlocks we advise that you wash them no more than once a week, we stock a dreadlock spray that can be used to freshen them up in between washes. When you are washing them, you go section by section making sure to wash the scalp well. Shampoo does not have to be applied to the length of the dreadlocks as they are made of synthetic fibres, it just needs to be applied to the scalp and to your own hair. We advise that you do not use any conditioner when washing the dreadlocks as it is unnecessary, and it can cause them to unravel. It is also very important to rinse the dreads thoroughly ensuring that any shampoo residue has been removed.

When you take your dreads out after the 6 weeks, we recommend that you give both them and your own hair a thorough wash. You can place the dreads in a sink/ bowl with warm (never boiling) water
and wash them well. We sell natural homemade bath bombs in the shop that work very well to clean the dreads and most importantly they don’t leave any residue in them after cleaning.

Dreadlock aftercare products 

We have a full range of Dollylocks Natural Dreadlock products for all of your dreadlock aftercare and maintenance. We have liquid shampoo, soap bar shampoo, conditioning oil, tightening sprays and refreshing sprays. There is a variety of scents to suit all of your tastes. 

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